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"Russell is terrific! I highly recommend him to service your A/C unit this spring. Whenever I call, he manages to get to my house the same day or the next day. He is honest, reliable and affordable."

Rose A.
Bedford, NY

Westchester, NY Air Conditioning & Heating Repairs

"Russell is professional, conscientious, knowledgeable.I recommend him to everyone. Very reasonable prices."

Gita K.
Chappaqua, NY


Westchester, NY Air Conditioning Service & Heating Repairs

"I was very pleased with the promptness of your service with my need for immediate attention. I am extremely pleased with the work completed. With that level of customer service and work, I raved to long-time friends about Russell Heating Cooling."

Brian S.
Briarcliff Manor, NY

Air conditioning and heating service and installation, Westchester NY

"It is rare to find a classy, professional, trustworthy person in the service industry. Russell is an honourable person who I will hire for all my heating and cooling needs."

"How many people operate that way in this day and age?"

Coach G.
New Rochelle, NY

Air Conditioned Family

"I am writing this for my elderly mother who has been using Russell to repair everything for years. She absolutely LOVES Russell and knows that she can depend on him to arrive when he says he will and fix things right the first time." 

P. Sullivan
Valhalla, NY

Westchester, NY Air Conditioning & Heating Repairs

"I heartily recommend Russell to everyone and the crazy thing is--he's my ex-husband! But, he has golden hands and is as honest as the day is long.                                               

Now, about that marriage....                                                                 

Lisa Green, NYC                                                                                                                                             

Why You Need Air Conditioning

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New Evcon Condenser by York

Is air conditioning a necessary evil designed to freeze you when you are sitting in a chilly movie theater or out with your family at a local restaurant? Or, is it a godsend on the hottest and stickiest day in August when you find that just standing idly outside makes you feel like you need another shower, 10 minutes after you've just toweled off after one?

We all enjoy being comfortable even though our definitions of comfort may vary. So, the best air conditioning installations have the ability to cool us down without making us feel "clammy" or having our clothes stick to us. This is the result of properly drying out the air or dehumidifying.

In fact, when we are dry, we don't need to have the temperature brought down as low on a sweltering summer day as when the level of moisture in the air is higher. So, we can adjust the cooling thermostat a few degrees "up" and be supremely happy. This saves on our cooling bills, allowing us to be just as comfortable while keeping more cash in our pockets.

So, now you see why air conditioning can be your friend, helping you keep your cool on the hottest, humid summer day. Just be sure the system was designed and installed with your ultimate comfort in mind.

Why You Should Call Me



1) I CARE! When was the last time you had an emergency and found a complete stranger out there somewhere who really, and I mean really wanted to help you? Probably never.

2) Unless it is after hours and I just can’t make it (and have to send one of my hand picked stand-ins), I come myself to see you and find out what the problem is, and offer you the most cost-effective solutions.

3) I want you to be so happy with my service that you become a customer for life and tell your friends and family about me. That is the only way I have ever found new customers and that is how you will want to act.

4) You would be hard pressed to find another Westchester air conditioning service company (or heating repair company) that will make you feel as important as you are to me.